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Conman is a revolution in content management systems

It has a unique user management system that uses Oscar Enterprises own proprietary encryption methods to safely store user information, keeping it safe from prying eyes.

With its 6 tier access level policies, conman ensures that only those who are meant to can access it's functions... If you want a user to be able to create & edit pages, but not be capable of accessing the user management features, it's as simple as choosing an access level from a drop down box!

When it comes to the actual content management side of things, Conman, is unsurpassed in the sheer number of options it offers, everything from full page or compartmentalised (like news) pages to it's very own image management system!

But by far the best feature of Conman is the fact that you dont need to now how to program or code in html! all you need is your favourite text editor (microsoft word, open office, etc) and the inbuilt Rich text editor found in all of Conmans content pages does the rest, simply paste your content from your program and your done! how easy is that!