#Oscarent IRC channel up!

the official oscarent IRC channel is now up at : irc://

or alternatively, open your irc client then type:
/join #oscarent

New project: Blitz HTML rendering engine & Browser

I have started (& made significant progress) on my software desing & development major project today, this will eventually form the rest of the web suite & will be ported to C, C++ or VB (dunno yet). This project is basically an HTML Rendering engine done from scratch & without looking at anyone elses source (eg. mozilla or IE) and a web browser (that so far will only support HTML)

Just!Games Joins The Oscarent Network

Finally, after much negotiation (me telling chris to make it happen), the premier computer gaming site JUST!Games is to be subsumed into the oscarent network! (cappng off yet another week of phenomenal growth for the site & network)

So go check it out (it's a great site imho) and join there and here!

and click some ads if you like either site

Oscarent and The Irrational Inquirer Merge!

It is my pleasure to announce that comedy website The Irrational Inquirer and Oscarent are now one Oscarentity! What was at one point two semi-arid sites, largely devoid of content, will hopefully now flourish!

To celebrate, Chris, webmaster of The Irrational Inquirer, has redone the layout, messing everything up, and then oscar had to yet again redo the design

So feel free to enjoy the plethora of new content in the writing, music and art section!

Uploaded STK Pre-Alpha Demo!

The pre alpha demo of the engine that'll eventually be used for STK has almost been completed!
Download it here

Ubuntu Linux 4.10 Giveaway!

I'm proud to announce that I have received this afternoon 10 copies of UBUNTU linux!
And... I'm giving them away!
To get your copy, just sign up at the Oscarent Forums!

Oscarent Shop open!

The Oscar Enterprises shop is now officially open... so buy stuff!

Doodle 0.2 Released!

Download Doodle 0.2 Beta now!