CopyPOD 2.0 Released

A tool to copy music off your ipod

CopyPOD is an application designed to make copying music off of your ipod quick, easy and
painless. It is free, but version one only supports .mp3 & .m4a files with ID3v1.1 tags
later versions will support ID3v2

Download CopyPOD 2.0

tEDdy 2.0.0a is here!

tEDDY 2 is here (in alpha) and it's got new stuff!

It has MANY,MANY new features and heralds a new direction for tEDDY's development...
it now sports a web development preview pane (ala. Dreamweaver ®) and will soon have syntax highlighting.

Download tEDdy 2.0.0b

Gmouse Announced!

It is official! the Gmouse is here! (well nearly).
Although no-one has any idea what the gmouse is, It is being made.
It is a cross between an ipod and a mouse.
Expect Pics in the next week.

tEDdy 1.7.0 Released!

Finally, after much delay and deliberation, tEDdy 1.7.0 has been released.
Sporting many slick new features such as find next & previous Instances, undo/redo, copy, paste & cut
and many others.

Download tEDdy 1.7.0

Happenings At Oscar Enterprises

In the coming weeks, Oscar ent is going to not only become a fully
registered business, but also expand into new fields.
Web hosting, designing and development, as well as the innitiatives including
software publishing and search based technologies.

Old News And New Deals

OESolutions is officially up and running and can be found at:
We offer webhosting for as little as $AUD5 a month (see site for details)

On a side note...All old news can be found : here